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And remember....John 3:16
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9-24-Moto 1


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8-19-Moto 2

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2020-East Bend MX Spring Series

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2020 East Bend MX Fall Series

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12-6-2020 Pit Bike Shootout -East Bend Motorsports, INC.

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2020 Fall Series Banquet

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2021 East Bend MX Spring Season

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2021-2022 Basketball

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12-4-East Bend MX Pit Bike Races

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2022 Basketball

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2021 Fall Series Banquet

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2021 Fall Series Banquet

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2023 East Bend MX Fall Series

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Jennifer J Collins
I hope this finds you well and reiterates all the lovely comments preceding mine.
It goes without saying GOD blessed you with the ability and passion for this type of photography; especially these sub-sectors. I m sure I speak for many when I say just how much they are appreciated. What is the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words....well, your pictures speak volumes. I am a Proud Moto Aunt :)
I placed an order today of downloads so I eagerly await and was wondering if there are any additional photos of Moto 3 on 10/9? that possibly haven't been uploaded?
Again, you are appreciated.

Jennifer Kauffman
Kauffman Motorsports appreciates you so much! Your pictures of Ethan Kauffman #34 on his KTM 65cc and now 85cc Husqvarna are priceless. Even the little man, Eli, who is just starting to ride on his 50cc Honda got captured at practice!
Great pictures, I really like them. Thumbs up !
Dannese Keller
Awesome photos of the Carolina ATV Flat Track Riders Series at Zoo City! Thank you for the outstanding shots of my son on the #365 Suzuki quad (#308 in the 7-30-16 album.)
The guestbook is empty.